Q: Why doesn't meat from big grocery stores taste and cook up like Harvest Valley meats?

A: Large stores buy from large scale production factories and their production is based upon economics, not on what is good for the end consumer.

Harvest Valley's production methodology is very different. It is based upon high health animals with ample space for movement and the excellent herdsmanship.

Q: Where's the grease in the Harvest Valley meats?

A: Harvest Valley has developed specific genetics that allow for maximum meat content, while still providing inter-muscular fat for taste and tenderness. Harvest Valley genetic lines are tested for color, PH, and inter-muscular fat content.

Q: Meat from the store seems to release water while cooking. What causes that?

A: Many times, up to 20% by weight is injected into the meat at processing time, this increases the weight, thus increasing the consumer's cost as well as the retailer's profits.

Q: Does Harvest Valley inject water into their meat?

A: No, you can buy your own water.

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