Char Crust® Amazin' Cajun Rub

Spicy... sweet... seductive... just like Louisiana herself. Enjoy our jazzy blend of piquant cayenne pepper, onion, garlic, oregano, and a mélange of other Mardi Gras flavors. Bring the sublime heat of New Orleans to catfish, chicken, shrimp, and let yourself be seduced.


Char Crust® Ginger Teriyaki Rub

Savor the harmony and balance of sweet teriyaki and fragrant shoga (ginger). Renowned for centuries for its tingly flavor and mythic love-enhancing qualities, ginger lends exotic dimension to this modern teriyaki interpretation. Most auspicious (and delicious!) on chicken, shrimp, and steak.


Char Crust® Hickory & Molasses Rub

Similar to Char Crust Rub with the added hint of molasses that makes chicken and fish taste so special! The aroma of our unique blend of herbs and spices will have your mouth watering in anticipation.


Char Crust® Original Hickory Grilled Rub

By far our most popular rub! This is the original "family secret" blend of natural ingredients that creates a delicious charred crust on the outside... seals the juices inside. Use it under your broiler,on the grill, even on a rotisserie for hickory-charred look and taste. Easy to use with fabulous results!


Char Crust® Roasted Garlic Peppercorn Rub

Attention garlic lovers! Savor the taste of roasted garlic and onions with the zing of fresh cracked peppercorns...the hint of worcestershire and secret spices makes this rub so good, you'll be licking the plate.


Char Crust® Roto Roast Rub

People will demand to know your secret when you use Roto Roast. This delectable blend of 15 herbs and spices creates a light golden crust that gives juicy, slow-roasted flavor to whatever you are cooking! It's especially nice on chicken and prime rib.


Char Crust® Smoky Spicy Southwest Rub

This is a heady blend of real ancho and chipotle chiles from Santa Fe mixed with cilantro and other authentic southwest spices. The flavor and fragrance will fill your palate and warm your tongue. Have a fiesta with pork, chicken, shrimp, beef, etc. ¡Ole!


Char Crust® Sun-Dried Tomato & Garlic Rub

Imagine the Italian sun warming your face as you close your eyes and smell the luscious, vibrant aroma of sun-dried tomatoes, roasted garlic, rosemary, and just a hint of lemon. Whether you use it on meat or seafood, you'll taste Tuscany sunshine in every bite.